Appellate Law

Appellate Law

The WVBR Law Firm in San Francisco has an appellate practice and partner Michael von Loewenfeldt is a certified appellate specialist.

WVBR offers a sophisticated and cutting-edge appellate practice in both state and federal courts across the country. We have represented a broad array of clients in both state and federal appeals, with great success.

Our appellate practice is led by Michael von Loewenfeldt who is certified as an Appellate Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Specialization and a member of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers. We deliver the detailed analysis and zealous oral advocacy needed to prevail at the appellate level. We apply our creativity, skill, and experience at every step of the process to protect our clients’ rights on appeal, preserving trial court victories and challenging adverse decisions. We encourage collaborative efforts on appeal with trial counsel and are open to flexible fee arrangements, including contingency fees.

We can help you at every stage of the process, including during the pretrial and trial phases of a case when issues are preserved (or fail to be preserved) for appeal:

Preserving the Record for Appeal

The first step of winning on appeal is making sure you have a proper trial court record and have preserved the arguments you intend to make on appeal. We are frequently retained to provide advice to counsel during trial to protect and preserve rights and issues on a subsequent appeal.

Post-Trial Briefing

Post-trial briefing is often essential to frame issues for appeal while giving the trial court the opportunity to address potential errors. As part of our appellate work, we are frequently asked to assist trial counsel in preparing and opposing requests for a new trial, motions for JNOV, and applications for attorneys’ fees and costs.

Appellate Briefing

The heart of the appellate process lies in the briefs. We recognize the importance of drafting a compelling brief that captures and holds the reader’s interest from start to finish.

Appellate Motions and Writ Practice

Motions and writs at the appellate level present complex and unique challenges. We have substantial experience in bringing interlocutory writs and appellate motions to expedite review of critical legal issues and seek early dispositions of otherwise lengthy appeals.

Amicus Briefs

Friend-of-the-court briefs provide people other than the parties with the opportunity to influence the outcome of decisions in critical cases. We provide amicus representation to a variety of organizations, including pro bono representation of non-profit and public advocacy groups.

Oral Argument

Oral argument is a party’s one opportunity to directly address the Court’s questions.  Preparation, active listening, and clear answers are the keys to effective oral argument.

Contact us for more information about our appellate practice. Based in San Francisco, we handle appeals throughout California and the nation.