First Amendment & Defamation Law

First Amendment & Defamation Law

WVBR has a lot of experience when it comes to First Amendment and defamation law. How much? One of WVBR’s partners, Jim Wagstaffe, has been a leader in developing California’s First Amendment law. We will help protect your First Amendment rights and help clear your name if you have been defamed.

Protecting Your Free Speech Rights

First Amendment issues arise in innumerable contexts and we are prepared to address them in equally as many arenas. WVBR has substantial experience litigating and consulting with individuals and organizations to protect these important rights consistent with the public interest.

We have fought numerous Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (“SLAPP”)—cases filed to discourage individuals from exercising their First Amendment rights. Our dedication and skill in both the procedural and substantive aspects of First Amendment litigation are key to effectively protecting these rights.

Jim Wagstaffe has been a leading figure in developing California’s First Amendment law, in protecting journalists dedicated to fair reporting, and in clearing the good name of those who have been defamed.

Please contact us for more information or a list of representative cases as they relate to First Amendment and defamation law. Based in San Francisco, we take First Amendment cases in California and throughout the country.